Monday, September 29, 2014


 Our Adelaide turns five tomorrow.  She had her birthday party last Saturday and she was SO excited.

 Her cousins were all there, it was a picture perfect beautiful day for a party.  Notice Elizabeth in her Elsa cape.  She wore her Elsa dress, also her Halloween costume, that day and one of her aunts made the cape for her. 
Happy Birthday, Petite!

 Just took a walk on the beach.  What a difference the wind makes.  Today is calm, warm and beautiful. The lake crystal clear.
 We even have some beach back!
Collected some beachy stuff.  Rocks, wood, shells.  I'm cooking up an idea.


  1. Happy birthday to sweet Adelaide.

  2. Happy Birthday Adelaide! What a beautiful bunch of munchkins. I live by a small bay and it is amazing how each day it is different. We don't have such big lakes here in Australia, it's mainly dry and desert.