Saturday, February 16, 2013

Something new

Do you remember this?  My "utility" quilt?   Do you remember my talking about a place I could go and rent a Handi-Quiter Sweet Sixteen machine for a whole day for $10 and try my hand at free motion machine quilting?
    Well, today, Friend Marilyn and I went to Inspirations of Art Studio and got a lesson in using this machine.  Owner Dana explained everything, from threading to speed to hints on how to move the piece around.  I was given a piece of batted cloth to practice with. 
   I'm kinda one of those jump-in-with-both-feet people. While I knew that this was going to take some practice, I had absolutely no plan.  None.
    Keep in mind I don't quilt with a machine nor have I done free motion quilting.  I sloth around with my hands and hand quilt.  It takes time but sewing machines are not my friends.  They are not relaxing.  But for the price, I had to try this and while both Owner Dana and Friend Marilyn admonished me for thinking this was a "utility"  quilt, in my mind, it is.  So on we go.
   This is about the only square I can show you.  Good God, what a mess I made!  I told Friend Marilyn on the way home it's harder than it looks.  Kind of like rubbing your belly and patting your head at the same time.  "Keep the petal to the floor" - not a natural thing to do.  "Move the quilt because the machine doesn't" - not a natural thing to do.   I guess coming away without a back ache was a good thing.
   Next time?  Yeah, I think there could be a next time but a next time with a better plan of what to do.  A next time with another quilt top I don't care about might take some doing but I could see Friend Marilyn giving it a go.  She will learn by my mistakes. 
    Yikes, the thing is a mess!   I came home and gave my quilting hoop a hug.
    On a more positive note,  Owner Dana has a very interesting and inspiring thing going in her studio space.  We were both very impressed with the classes offered, the work space, the idea of just going someplace inspiring and working for a day.  She offers classes in so many different topics it would be hard not to find something stimulating to do or learn.  Silk scarf painting, acrylic, oil and water color,  upholstery, quilting, doll making, felting, making paper, painting eggs, making gourd bowls, I know I'm forgetting some things. 

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