Monday, February 18, 2013


Friday night my friend Marge gave these two old quilts to me.  She said a great aunt made them and this aunt died in  1950 (ish).  They're old and worn and soft and beautiful!  Marge had them sitting on a chair all folded up.  Immediately I saw them.  "Where'd you find these quilts, Marge?"  She told me the story and then said, "Do you want them?"  I wasn't sure I heard her right and didn't want to seem over eager so I mumbled something about sentimental value.  She said they had no value to her at all and her intent was to take them to the ANIMAL SHELTER for DOG BEDS!  I said I'd love them. "If you're sure...."  She was sure.   She asked, because they are worn in parts, "what are you going to do with them?" thing for them from the animal shelter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at these!

 Yes, there are worn parts.  This quilt is heavier than the other one.  And I love that whoever made them tried to make this one bigger by sticking this crazy green fabric on both ends!

 It isn't worn everywhere, just some wheres.  They are so incredibly soft!
 This one is much thinner, even to the point Friend Marilyn wondered if there was any batting.  There is.  While I don't generally care for a black/white/red combination, this one is quite pretty. Probably because it's so softened by time.

Thank you, Marge!!!

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