Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lost child

   During summer I give one day a week to working in a toy store.  Last evening I heard the chirp of a sparrow from very nearby.  Sparrows will build nests and live in the large "big box" stores around.  It's good shelter, lots of room to fly in the cavernous rafters, food is around, people think they're cute. At least I do.
   Realizing this chirping was very loud for the birds outside I followed the sound to the front door of the store.  There, about five feet inside the door was a fledgling sparrow chirping for all he/she was worth.  I don't speak Sparrow so I wasn't sure if he/she was asking about a particular toy or calling for mommy.  I decided, considering the clientele of this shop, that it was better to find mommy before he/she got stepped on by some pre-teen boy. While I couldn't offer a lollipop and sit it on the counter while I called the police to pick up the lost child, and thinking quickly - very quickly - about my qualifications of becoming a sparrow's mommy, and whether I should pick it up and carry it to the large traffic island at the curb.  These islands are beautifully planted with trees, perennials, shrubs so it would be a good refuge to someone just learning to fly.
     I decided to "convince" junior to find his/her bird mommy.  I told baby to go find mommy.  I "shooed" it to the door.  On the sidewalk I played Officer Mike (Make Way for Ducklings) and stopped the people traffic on the sidewalk (no easy task in a resort town full of resorters) to steer him/her to the island.  Baby got the idea, I could hear mommy sparrow calling directions on how to get back onto the island.  Baby flumped (fly/jumped) onto the island, mommy came down to talk sternly to him/her and baby sheltered in the flowsy bush planted nearby. I kept checking on him/her throughout the evening.  All ended well.
     This may seem inconsequential to most people, something not worthy of posting on a blog that's supposed to be about quilting, but when I was in the middle of a 10 hour shift in a toy store that caters to 9 year old boys, this was the highlight of my day.

 Once again, this new blogger won't let me post a photo that I've turned.  It's saved on my computer turned right side up but reverts to sideways when I post it.  Any ideas on how to make this work right would be greatly appreciated.  ANYWAY,  here are pics of the finished Christmas quilt for Ceci's birthday.
 You can't see the green in the first border next to the pink, but it's a very sweet green.  A post or so ago I said if I ever found anymore of this green/black with little pink dot again I'd buy the bolt.  I found some and bought the bolt (thank goodness it was on a sale table and wasn't a full bolt!) 
Since I'm trying to use my stash, the sashing on this one is mixed.
Now I start quilting on Adelaide's.  It's almost the same but different.  Her sashing matches and her border is striped. I used her stripe on Ceci's binding.  I'll use Ceci's polka dots on Adelaide's binding.

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  1. your blog is about what ever you want to post about..........I hate sparrows but I would probably do something like this