Monday, July 2, 2012

Hot time cool treat

 Remember Sarabeth and her Bakery and her cookbook that I'm cooking my way through?  Well, it's hot, hot, hot here so I turned to the ice cream section and bought myself an ice cream maker.  My friend Laurie and her husband bought a juicer.  What does that tell you???
 This is my second flavor.  Buttered Pecan.  One of my favorite flavors.  Lots of cream and milk and sugar.
                                                               Eight egg yolks.
 Buttered toasted pecans.
Becomes this. This creamy, rich, vanilla-ey, buttered pecan overloaded decadent ice cream.

I finally know, after all these years and countless gallons of ice cream that have been put into my mouth, what they meant when they called it Ice CREAM.  OMG.
      I actually split this small serving with Patient Husband and we critiqued it.  Creamy? "Very."  Can you taste the browned butter? " Not much."  Vanilla?  "Lots." Enough pecans?  "Yes." Wow, it's so rich, we really can't eat too much of it.  "Why?"
     I again improvised.  I'm not a very good recipe follower.  I do what they say but improvise if I have to.  For instance, Sarabeth calls for a real plumped vanilla bean scraped and seeds with pod put into the cream.  Well, I didn't have a vanilla bean and where I live no chance to find one.  But I DO have LOTS of vanilla bean infused sugar.  When I DID have a couple of vanilla beans and my daughter did, too, we/she infused sugar with the seeds and pod.  Well, the recipe calls for sugar and vanilla seeds and vanilla beans.  So, I substituted my vanilla sugar.
    The first batch I made was vanilla ice cream.  It's in the freezer.  I thought I should start with the basic.  Let me tell you folks, there is nothing basic about it!!
    It was so easy I immediately made the custard for the Buttered Pecan.
     My lavender is in full bloom right now so.......

 it was only a matter of time, wasn't it?   This delicious lavender custard is now cooling and will be made into lavender ice cream tomorrow.

I am just about finished quilting Ceci's Christmas quilt.  I have one border section left to quilt.  Then I'll start quilting on Adelaide's.

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