Sunday, September 25, 2011

weekend wonders

It looks like a bit of prehistoric surgery, doesn't it? It's just Patient Husband demonstrating to the girls how to open a coconut. I told him it looked like overkill but he was ready for anything that nut sent his way.
He decided on the saw. I talked him into the beach towel for a padded work surface.
This is a girl after my own heart. I feel the same way when PH puts a tool in his hand! Duck and cover!!
And true to Adelaide's spirit, she was right in the thick of things.
She even ate a piece. Always suspecious we are trying to foist a piece of fruit on her, she believed us when we told her this wasn't fruit and she could eat it.
But the ice cream the evening before was the best. She will be two years old this coming weekend and won't acknowledge it's her birthday. She keeps saying it's Elizabeth's birthday. I explained to E. that A. doesn't remember her first birthday but she does remember E's fourth birthday just a couple of months ago,and so in her little mind, it's E's day. She did know what color ice cream she would pick for her party. "Blue!" so Grandpa bought a gallon to take home and hold for the big day.
Saturday we took them to a potter's studio to see "another kind of art." This potter also happens to own over 150 different kinds of fowl including turkeys, geese, ducks, chickens and peafowl, the girls were having more fun than ever running among the flock, picking up feathers. Here E. is asking, "Mr. Turkey, did you happen to lose one of your feathers? If so, I have it here." They heard a rooster crow 'for real.' "Huh!" Elizabeth said, "now I heard a real rooster and he didn't say cock-a-doodle-doo at all! It sounded like this" and proceeded to crow a bit more life like. We crowed all the way home, windows down on a beautiful fall day. Adelaide's crow sounds more like a screech owl so it was quite a symphony.
They sang a duck song to these ducks as they waddled away from what they assumed would be pettings.
We brought home a dozen eggs, some brown, some white and one green. Adelaide claimed the green one for lunch.
We had fun, they said they didn't want to go home, we miss having them now that school's started and we're back into it.

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