Thursday, June 16, 2011

Strawberry Fields Forever

It's time to teach Adelaide about strawberries. She's ready, she's willing to learn and she doesn't eat fruit.

Yes, we were wearing fleece at berry picking time. It was cold, we were dodging rain drops and we were on a mission. Strawberry season lasts just so long, you know.

Elizabeth was teaching Adelaide about finding the red ones. Adelaide seemed partial to the "orange" ones. She picked a few but had more fun taking what we picked and putting them into the box. She would NOT taste one.

Elizabeth, on the other hand, didn't put any into the box. She ate all she picked! Notice her Croc in her arms. Croc lives at my house but when she's here he goes everywhere with her.

Now, notice, please, the strawberry juice dripping off the chin of the child who won't eat fruit. In the car on the way home she ate and ate and ate them. Just proves my point about the trucked in out of season red things we call strawberries any other month but June. These were particularly sweet and juicy and even Adelaide couldn't resist!

We have another tradition. After supper we go out for ice cream. It's a good thing they aren't here every night!! Usually they pick chocolate but tonight they both chose Blue Moon. Do you see that dimple?

Fog was everywhere when we woke up so we went to a playground we've never been to before and wow! was it fun! They had so many things to do in that huge wooden structure! It was built almost like a maze with tunnels, dead ends, stairs, moving platforms, tire steps, sliders, it was really fun. Elizabeth of course had to try going up the down staircase.

After we left I asked Adelaide what she liked best about the new playground and she said,

"Pink!" Meaning, of course, this tire swing. The puddle was enticing.

I'm having a hard time thinking of a new quilt project. There are still many unfinished projects (finished tops) in the drawer but I'm in the mood to do some applique. I've been rummaging through books and folders and magazines and thinking. I have several yardages/fat quarters I've collected over the years I'd love to do something with but want the project to be special. I'm looking for a challenge but not something all consuming as there is a huge pile of books to be read, too. I'm thinking and thinking and so not doing much of anything. In the meantime I see all the wonderful projects everyone else in blogland is producing and I wonder what's taking me so long!
I'm cutting out yo-yo circles. I keep going back to Aunt Millie's Garden by Piece O' Cake Designs for ideas, I have a few magazine articles I've cut out....hmmm....thinking.

It's only been 4 days that I've been out of school for the summer and I told Patient Husband this evening that I already feel the clock ticking summer away and it's only been 4 days! It must be I'm still in hyper mode from school. I haven't relaxed yet. Yeah, that's it.

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