Thursday, May 26, 2011

stone walls

I'm skipping a week I missed of Snappyfriends and going right to this week's challenge. Times have been challenging in all aspects of life lately and trying to stay on an even keel has been hard for lots of people in my life. And, if it's hard for them, it's also hard for me.So, here it is, stone walls. There aren't many stone walls around here. I've always wanted one but we don't live on stony ground so the pickings wouldn't be free. On Mother's Day while we were enjoying that sunshine at my daughter's house I found to the right of me the gate for our previous challenge, and then as my eye wandered around her yard I noticed right there the stone wall that separates her yard from the neighbor. "It's more of a broken concrete wall, mom," she said. She's right, but I loved the tree growing up and through it, and the conglomeration of materials it's made of.
Tomorrow is Patient Husband's birthday and I'm looking forward to his seeing face (I haven't been home but three times in the past three weeks.) The kids are coming for the holiday weekend to celebrate with the birthday boy. Weather is expected to be good, hot by Monday.
I'm also thinking about the next quilting project. I have a million ideas, they all look good in my head but I haven't been home long enough lately to sort fabrics, find patterns and get going. Hopeful, ever hopeful.....

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