Sunday, April 10, 2011

spring fever

aaahhh....the sun was shining, the temperature was windows-open, bare feet warm and while it is hard to go from 55 degrees to 80 in one day, and they say we'll pay for it tonight when the storms come through bringing cooler weather back tomorrow, for today...we'll take it. I went for a long walk this morning and picked these daffodils from an abandoned yard to bring home.

We had spring break from school this week. We have a week off every first week of April so people can go to Florida and warm their bones in the sun. Some of us, though, spend the week at home, holding Michigan in its place on the map, watching the skies for some sun even if it is cold. Usually it snows this week and we didn't have that this year so lucky us!

We had a couple of sunny but cool days and my daughter brought the girls for a sleep over. They were so excited to be back after the long winter all they wanted to do was be outdoors re-exploring the yard, looking for bird nests, deer, bunnies and splash in puddles. Plenty of all.

Adelaide loves to swing and fell asleep, nose tucked in for warmth.

They have new sunglasses and brought them along to show off!

Each year I try to save the biggest and heartiest geraniums to winter over. They live in the back kitchen where there is plenty of light and the heat turned on keeps them warm all winter. They need to harden off to go back to their rightful summer places so here we are on the back porch enjoying the sun and breezes.

I worked like crazy all week to finish this I Spy quilt for Charlie. We're going to see him and Cecilia soon and I wanted this finished, and I did, at 2 p.m. today.

I used perle cottong for the quilting and while mostly I like the diversion and the fun look from quilting thread, this one was tough. My fingers bled, I yanked and yanked on the needle to get it through the fabric, and had to give myself days off in between so my fingers could heal. I don't think it's supposed to be this hard. I love the look of using the perle cotton but will need to figure out what's wrong before I go back to it anytime soon. All fabric was quilting cottons, the batting was cotton. The needle was a size 11 embroidery/redwork needle. If anyone has any ideas, I'm listening...

Next project will be quilting the two storybook quilts for the twin babies in the family. One is half finished.