Sunday, April 17, 2011


It's spring and almost Easter and all thoughts turn to eggs be they from the refrigerator and dyed in rainbow colors or earthy. Each year one of our Kindergarten teachers brings eggs and incubator into the classroom to show the kids the process while they study birds. This little darlin' was the first out on Monday morning. Looks exhausted, doesn't she? While we were standing there talking about how darned cute they were this one, the first born, wiggled completely out of the egg.

Then, later in the week the kids found a kildeer nest on the playground. Kildeer build on the ground and I'm sure when this momma came shopping for a suitable hole she didn't realize she moved in during spring break when there wasn't a soul around. Imagine her surprise when 450 kids tumbled out the doors for recess! And there she was with three eggs in her nest and right in the middle of the playground! Another adult and I put yellow police tape around her hole to 1) alert the kids to her whereabouts so she wouldn't get stepped on and 2) give them boundaries when they watched.
As we were watching the first two hatched!

And here I thought for the Snappyfriends egg assignment for this week I would show a colorful bowl of eggs dyed for Easter! Maybe a before and after but I certainly wasn't expecting this!

I'm not quilting this week. No time to even think of it. I'm trying to finish the book Cutting for Stone. The apple trees are budding, the daffodils are up, the perennial beds needed cleaning, the grass is greening, it's coming along but there's just so little time for leisure this week. I'll pick up the needle after Easter weekend.

That's Patient Husband on the Easter Bunny's lap long ago, in a galaxy far, far away. Happy Easter everyone.


  1. love your egg pics...........was thinking it would go well for easter eggs funny how it worked out for 2 lots of hatchings.........

  2. Well, I LOVE coral, by the by way ; )