Monday, July 26, 2010

what color are a praying mantis' eyes?

We had a perfectly lovely weekend!
After that rainy start Saturday at the farmer's market the sun came out and the girls came down for the day and it became a perfect beach day. Adelaide crawled straight for the water - there was no keeping her out. The size of the waves only made it that much more inviting.

Sunday was one of those days you would order from a store. Crisp, clear blue sky, no humidity, temperature about 80, windows open, air conditioner off. A great day to sit on the porch and work on the placemat for the retreat house we will be visiting in October. We're all making a placemat as a house gift. The blue bird fabric on top and the sketch in the middle are the parts we all received. The rest was up to us. I chose to quilt the design in the center with various colors thread and make a jaunty border for the bottom. Not exactly quite what I planned, but close. Today I put the binding on and it's finished.
After a few weeks of staring at the garden loom, waiting to be inspired, not happy with yarn weaving (too small) or fabric (no room for creative ideas) I decided to cut grapevines from the wild grapevines growing all over the place. I wove the vines - some thick, some thin - through with large enough space between to leave the opportunity for embellishment. I made sure the tendrils hung out so things can be attached to them as they dry. I also wove through some of the grapes attached to the vines. Then stuck a couple of pears on for good measure while I continue to think. I like the grapevines. They solve a big problem, leave lots of room to tuck interesting things into spaces.
It's interesting, this thing is quite large 8 feet tall by 4 feet wide and yet people who come to the house and walk right past it don't even notice it! It makes me feel like it really belongs. My mom always said, "if you don't notice it, then it's right." We had some neighbors over for dinner last week and as they were leaving we pointed it out to them! This after walking past it twice!

Ok, yesterday while I was sitting on the back porch stitching on the placemat I noticed a praying mantis crawling up the screen. I got the camera and took a couple of shots. I decided to see how close I could get.
This close!

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