Tuesday, June 15, 2010

bicycles and baby quilts

Here she is! Christine is tamed into submission! I cleaned up the floor frame, made sleeves to slide on the bars, basted her onto the sleeves and mounted her on the frame. As Patient Husband would say, "she came down with one shot between the eyes. Clean." and he isn't a hunter. I want to just stare at her for awhile. Gloat a little. I'm sure as I begin quilting her she will rear her tempermental head and let me know she's still got a little consternation in her. But for now, she is a piece of furniture. So there!

Here's the quilt top I finished yesterday while waiting for the wireless installers to arrive. It's for our new granddaughter coming in August. It's very cloudy today so it's had to get a really bright picture. I'll baste and start quilting her this week.

I missed Snappyfriends last week. It was just so busy at work with getting things ready for summer and I was without computer at home and time at work so I didn't do a bridge photo, but I knew exactly the picture I wanted to share of a bicycle. There is a home fruit/flower stand up the road about 3 miles and I love the quirkiness about the place. The possibilities for pictures are endless.

Guess what!!! I am so excited to be hooked up to wireless high speed internet! I was absolutely giddy for about an hour while using it yesterday. Then I turned the computer off to have dinner with Patient Husband and when I went back later in the evening the computer wouldn't boot up. At all. Several tries of turning off and on, sneaking into the "F" keys at the top. I don't know what to hit in that department so I went to bed very frustrated and tossed and turned for most of the night. I was sure the borrowed laptop I'm on now wouldn't cooperate - why should it? Could I just unplug the cord from the desktop and put it into the laptop and actually have it work? YES!! It did! It's slow but it works. Kind of like me.

So, until I figure out how to boot up the big thing, I'm trying to teach my big arthritic fingers how to manage the little keys but I'm not complaining....I'm smiling...today is going to be a good day!

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