Tuesday, June 29, 2010


We are so lucky to live in the part of the state that supports farms, orchards, small fruit growers and vineyards. With everything looking so good it's hard to stop buying and harder yet to get all this freshness eaten in good time! We hardly turn a corner without coming face to face with someone selling their garden bounty. Yesterday I picked green beans for dinner. Just a handful, but they were fresh from plant to pot in two minutes. Wow. Summer.... This Saturday we'll visit our farmer's market downtown and stock up on goodness for the 4th of July gala here on Sunday. I'm expecting about 30, give or take 10. The weather is going to be beach hot and not raining and that's just about all you can ask for the 4th of July.
I went out with my camera last summer and took pictures of farm stands. There was no shortage of originality and honesty around the countryside. Not a soul in sight but mason jars, boxes and buckets served as cash boxes. Take some and leave some they all trustingly said.

This farm stand was just that. A board balanced on two saw horses. The potatoes were taking a bath in that tub, waiting for customers.

This is the same stand on a different day. No potatoes but look at those tomatoes!

Fresh! That's the name of the game and everyone around here seems to have chickens but me!

"Me! Me! Me! Pick Me!" they all say. Ya gotta get your sign out there if you want your fruit picked. Sweet Cheeries anyone?