Monday, March 8, 2010


Even thought the temperatures were in the high 40's and the sky was brilliant blue and the sun was warm all week, there was just one thing I had to see to confirm that spring it really here. And...
It really is spring...and early, too! I was curious Sunday about just how close we were. I slogged through the mud in the road to the fields across the street. You can see the snowy ditch that turned out to be much deeper than I thought, but after extricating myself from the up-to-my -knees ditch drift, I found the pussy willows were indeed in bloom!!!

THIS is our second sign of spring. When our dairy bar opens, it's a time for celebration among the locals. Friday dessert was ice cream at Sherman's. We debated about making this dinner, as we have at times, but our Mexican restaurant opened for the season, too, so we had dinner there and dessert at Sherman's. The servings are monstrous and we all love it. Sherman's spoils us for any other ice cream parlor. Happy Spring!!

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