Tuesday, March 16, 2010

quilt frame, morning glories

I received a post from Louise at Handmade in Gibraltar about the quilt frame. Here it is!

I've suddenly become the owner of two floor quilt frames. This is the first one - it's store bought and quite flimsy ( I know, I don't have the spacer bar on it for the picture) and not wide enough for possessed quilt Christine. I put Christine on so you can see my placement in front of the windows for wonderful lighting. Then last week some neighbors of mine offered one that husband bought at a garage sale so long ago he can't remember which decade it was. We crawled up to his attic above the woodworking shop and wow! it's home made by some loving husband for his quilter wife. It has ratcheted sides so when the quilt is turned it will stay turned. It's quite dusty but after I get it cleaned up it will be used to quilt Christine. Right now I'm still trying to maintain my dominance over her with unsure results.

The trees are already in bud, the robins are back, the pussy willows are in full fluff and look!!! A sprouted morning glory seedling!! I don't do well with seeds but I really, really want morning glories. My sister-in-law has them growing wild with complete neglect and I can't pursuade, cajole or beg them to grow for me. I'll baby these completely.

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  1. Thankyou for showing me. I'm amazed how big the frame is, although I can imagine it would be much easier to work on a quilt stretched like this. I can imagine a whole group of women gathered round a frame like this and stitching!
    Louise x