Tuesday, January 12, 2010


January 14, 2010

This is new to me, this blogging thing, but everyone says I'm supposed to jump right in and start talking. The most that's been happening since the turn of the year is the weather gone mad. This picture looks peaceful and beautiful, and that day it was. But it was also before the NEXT 24 inches of snow fell!
My husband and I live on Lake Michigan. Our winter has been very snowy. And winter is just started. Yet it IS beautiful. We are not in a high traffic area so the snow is crisp, clean, and bright. The cardinals look like berries in the trees, and as we shovelled and moved the snow from one place to the next I told my husband I guess this is the price we pay for living here in the summer.
I am a quilter. I enjoy piecing and quilting by hand and am beginning to love applique. I was very fearful of it but I found after one large project it's really very forgiving. Sharp pieced points are not. I'll share some of my quilts soon. As soon as I figure this blog thing out.
I read. A lot. I work in an elementary school library and spend my days reading to children, searching for the best I can find for them, and in the evenings, reading for me. I'll share my favorites as I go along and hope to have new quilting and reading friends.
Our yard is a sea of lavender. When we bought our house my husband said he didn't want to have to mow a lawn so I could do whatever I wanted, just so a lawnmower wasn't in the picture. Lavender! I planted hundreds of them. Late June and July are stunningly beautiful and my best friends are bees. But it turns out the garden is more work than mowing!
Cooking is good, too. I'd rather bake than cook but there are favorites I'll share in both categories.
So, until tomorrow, Hello, My Name is Denice and I'm looking for friends from all over.

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