Wednesday, January 20, 2010

summer quilt

I like the simplicity and variety of string quilts so I spent a couple of days during Christmas break sewing together strips of old sashing and bindings. ( Last summer during a particularly slow day I ironed all of my left over bindings flat again.) I saw my pile of blues weren't going down fast enough so I made one that was mostly blue, and then another with lots of pink. Those I bordered with a stark white and are still waiting to be sandwiched. I really wanted the strings to just float in a wide border so this is a 14 inch border of turquoise all around. I pinned it Sunday afternoon. I don't much like turquoise but it sure works nice with this mish mash of colors! Very bright and cottagey. The object of these simple quilts is to have some "cottage quilts" available when the kids are here. They complain that with a mother and mother-in-law who both quilt, there aren't any we'll actually let them use! Not true of course, but some scrappies will be fun and it's nice to see THAT pile go down!

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