Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Better than birthday cake

I wait all year for this day.  I mark the calendar, set the alarm and head out for the first day of strawberry season.  Today was the first day of Upick and I was late, I got there 30 minutes after they opened! 
 I picked seven pounds which was just enough for the first time out.  I'm going again on Friday and again on Saturday and again on Tuesday and again on.....
 This is the first strawberry pie of the season.  It's the best thing you'll ever put into your mouth. Better than your birthday cake.
 I cut it in half and PH delivered the second half to our daughter down the street. 
 My new oven has a dehydrating feature on it and I've been pacing waiting to try it on the berries.
 Strawberries are a lot of water so it took a few hours to get them to this point.  I learned that the thicker ends don't dry crispy like the middle slices do, but a little bendy.  Next time I'll cut the ends much thinner.  They look like someone stepped on them and left them to die in the street, but let me tell you, the house smells heavenly.
 From two large cookie sheets I got this pint jar of dehydrated berries and they taste wonderful. Crispy strawberry chips!
I was just going to toss the parchment paper into the bin when I looked at this again and thought Elizabeth will see the artistic possibilities in them so I'll save them for her.   I can't believe I'm saving something like this but it's really quite pretty.  Maybe slicing a berry and painting with it? 

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