Tuesday, May 29, 2018


PH always teases me about my birthday extravaganzas that last a week.  Of course they don't. My birthday is in the middle of winter and during my life they have more often been cancelled because of the blizzard than celebrated.  But HIS birthday.  Well, his birthday is always during our three day Memorial Day holiday weekend and he celebrates with marching bands and waving flags! 
 Day One:  Travelled to the other side of the state to watch the kids play in the huge soccer tournament their city hosts each Memorial Day weekend.  Charlie and Ceci both played Saturday.
 Day Two:  We met friends Marge and Harry at a restaurant that we all love on a nearby lake.  Ambiance is unmatched.  PH enjoys beer #1 on the small beach while he waits for  M & H to arrive.
 It was a hot, hot, hot day and so dining on the porch wasn't even a question.  It was a really wonderful birthday afternoon.

 Harry took PH for a ride in his new toy,  a 2002 Mustang. 
Day Three:  Our daughter and her family came for dinner.  Whew! A big weekend of partying!

Weather is hot, hot, hot.  Really hot.  All time records are being broken and they say we will have one more day of it - today.  Then we get some rain and relief.  I have stubbornly not turned on the air conditioner.  Just last weekend I was wearing heavy socks and thick sweaters because it was so very cold.  Basically, it feels like we had an 8 month winter and before I shut all the windows and make the house cold, I'm being stubborn.  We live on top of a hill in the forest so have shade and breeze and have managed. 

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