Monday, May 8, 2017

Home to Roost

I did it! The crows have come home to roost as I finished all nine blocks before I died! Now for the moment of truth.  Will they all be close enough in size to fit? I think so.  I stacked them and they're good, but it is a worry when I had to cut them so close to size.  Will the fabric I chose for the sashing be enough? I hope so, it's absolutely perfect in pattern and color but this is where I call Friend Marilyn for help with math. If you know this pattern book you will see the changes I made and will then know I am NOT going to do the sawtooth sashing and border suggested in the book.  Nope.  Now I wait for a rainy day or a day I'm home, whichever comes first and put it together. 
 This was a fun project.  The blocks are 20 inches square so the pieces were big, it went relatively quickly considering I started it last fall, then  put it down for the baseball quilts and Christmas season and a few times in between.  It feels good to have it this far!  It will feel even better when the top is completed.


  1. Denice! What an accomplishment and I love the new picture on your blog heading. Feels great to have a few finishes under your belt I bet.

  2. So much detail they look fantastic ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Oh Denice, what a good job the blocks look great. The colours are lovely.