Thursday, March 9, 2017

Testing, testing...

While it did work last year when I deep fried on the gas grill, sometimes the flame got out of control and when it was suggested that the runaway flame could maybe possibly ignite the gas line into the house and start the house on fire I thought I maybe possibly should come up with a different way to make cruschiki this year. 

 So I bought a small portable deep fryer.  I don't deep fry anymore because I don't like the lingering smell of boiled fat in the house nor the greasy smoke that coats the kitchen.  My days of washing ceilings is long over.  I studied these little things as an alternative.  I COULD take it outside and put it on a table and fry out there if the weather is good (Read: not raining.)
    Cruschiki is a labor intensive thing so I went back to the corn fritters as a fry test.    I kept the fryer in the kitchen. This model has a lid so that was part of the test - does it keep the smoke down?
I think fresh corn cut off the cob is the secret to this goodness.  Not canned, not frozen, and the first of the Florida corn is just slowly beginning to find its way to Michigan so I bought some, cut the kernels and made these this morning.

The fryer works great as fryers go.  It IS portable so that's good.  But the lid concentrates the smoke to chimney like action and the smoke is still escaping into the kitchen.  I rode my bike down to daughter's house to give some to her and when I came home and walked back into the house it was obvious someone had been deep frying.  So.  Gas grill frying is a thing of the past but the unit goes outside on a table. Cruschiki in a couple of weeks!

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  1. As children of English parents, a deep fryer was a constant thing in the house. Chips quite a standard fare. They are still my comfort food. I agree with you regarding the oily smell and residue, so now we oven bake our potatoes......cut them into wedges, coat with olive oil and pop in the oven.
    There is a lot to be said for outdoor cooking. The covered BBQ is awesome for roasts!