Sunday, September 25, 2016

Show and Tell

 Meet Friend Jan.  She shared two gorgeous quilts with Friend Marilyn and I the other day and they are truly too beautiful not to share here.
 This is a trip around the world variation she made for her niece who has indeed traveled the world with her military husband.  Jan loves the Simpson and Minick line and this quilt is done in those fabrics.
 She really made it personal by embroidering the name and date of each of the places the couple has been posted in the middle of a trip.  In the photo above she is pointing to one of those.
 This is another of her quilts.  Jan loves embroidery and does an impeccable job - her work reminds me of my mom's embroidery and the philosophy that if it isn't right, it isn't right.  Notice the quilting between the tulips mimics the tulip.  Oh, and Jan is also a hand quilter.
 She colored each of the flowers with crayon

These two quilts were just too beautiful not to share with you.


  1. beautiful for sure...........thanks for sharing...........

  2. What beautiful inspiration you have in your friends. I do like those rich colours in the trip around the world quilt and the personal touches are .......well personal!
    The tulip quilt is so fresh and floral, such a contrast. I like the idea of colouring the flowers, I have seen it done before and it's very effective. Nice to see your extended quilt life.

  3. Beautiful quilts, they look and feel like spring.