Saturday, March 14, 2015


Happy Pi Day!  We celebrated Pi day today by going to the best pie pantry in, well, anywhere!  I would put Crane's pies up against any pie you can enter in the contest.  Crane's Pie Pantry is in Fennville, Michigan, about 20 minutes from us.  No skinny pies from them.  They pack the fruit in till you can't imagine they could fit in one more cherry or raspberry.  They come from the oven inches thick and oozing juice and are put in the display case for mere moments before someone comes along and buys them.  Or they get served to a diner. Warm.

Our hostess said they had SOOO many orders for pies to be shipped out for today's Pi day and the only thing many customers put on their emailed orders was the number 3.1415.... and their preference:  apple, cherry, raspberry, blueberry, rhubarb, strudel pies.

 PH chose a rhubarb raspberry pie
 I chose the cherry cheese studel pie.  It's a pie thick with cherries then a layer of cream cheese is spread over the fruit and the top crust put on top of that and baked. My absolute favorite. 
I hope you had the chance to celebrate Pi today!

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  1. Hello Denice, can I ask a silly question? Does Pi day happen every year or is it just because of the date.....which we see differently here in the other side of the world as 14.3.15. I do sometimes have trouble with the American date translation, it just feels so weird!!! How did it eventuate that we do it so differently? Doesn't matter much though because I can eat Pie any date or day. Those in your photos do look packed with fruit and them some, delicious. Apple pie is my favourite with lashings of cream.....yummmmmm