Monday, July 7, 2014

What to do next

Well, so far only three lookers on the house in the past 10 days so, as I feared, I've slowed down on the packing and things I've put away are starting to filter back out again.  Not much, but some.

One of the things I took out was this Christmas story quilt for Michael.  It's really more winter, but snowmen are kind of born at Christmas, aren't they? 

I've become a firm believer in quilting with perle cotton and I'm using #8 with this.  This is one of three that needs to be quilted so it will keep me busy enough.  Itching to start a new project but I'm staying disciplined.

And today I finished the fourth and final border on the round robin quilt top I had!  I think it's beautiful and I do wish I could show it. 

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