Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Meet Barb

Meet Barb.  I think Barb has a split personality.  Either that or it just all looks good to her and she wants to try it all. She hops between primitive and modern. Primitive and modern do not live next door to each other.  She's an artist and V E R Y  creative.  Oh, and a perfectionist.  Go sit in the corner, Denice.

 Barb does amazing hand applique. I dare you to find her stitches.
 She also does wool work (still can't get the computer to turn a picture sideways on the blog)
..... with embellishment.....
 She made this wall hanging as a birthday gift for a neighbor girl who, by the way, she is teaching how to quilt.

 And then there's this Barb
 When someone at our retreat asked her how she made these corner points all work out together in her quilting of this piece she said she just went up to here and turned and then turned and .....  yeaaahh, it's that easy.  Go sit in the corner, Denice.
She used a color coordinated thread in each of these pieces.  Look at those thread changes!  Some of those pieces are teensy.

I have some very talented quilty friends. 


  1. OMG, who is this Barb? Do I know her? You know how I love applique and hers is fantastic. I love that modern quilt too. Maybe she should come to our Modern Bee? Great post! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great writting, great pictures! I got to relive the retreat all over again!

  3. I just love the flower pots