Thursday, December 12, 2013


It's ridiculous cold out there.  We've been pounded with snow and freezing temperatures and everything is cold.  Inside, outside, noses, toeses.  Nothing feels warm enough.  But even with that in mind, we do eventually have to go out in it.  Bread. Milk. Shovel. Whatever.  As I left the house this morning I turned the corner and saw this amazing sight over the lake.

Look just above the water horizon. Look at those snow clouds rolling in! The waves and the ice forming along the shoreline at the bottom of the picture.  But those clouds!  And I know just what they are carrying!

 This would be a real storm if it were summer. 

I decided to stop at the lighthouse on the way to the store to see what the high winds and waves did.

This is what we like to see.  Blue skies, calm lake, red lighthouse. 
But when those waves kick up.....and then freeze......
you get this!   I didn't realize till I got home the picture is a little blurred but I'm not surprised.  The wind was high and I was absolutely shaking with cold. 

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  1. what a stunning photo that last one is!
    I cannot even imagine how cold that is...we get snow maybe once in a blue moon here.