Saturday, June 15, 2013

A week's worth

I went to the farmer's market this morning.  I didn't buy many veggies, the other things were far more interesting!  There was a man milling oatmeal right there for you, freshly milled into your own bag.  Now, I'm not real good at eating what I SHOULD, but I'm really great at eating what I WANT, so if I'm going to have oatmeal, it's going to have to be in the form of a cookie.

I follow a standard oatmeal cookie recipe but add chocolate chips and nuts - today that meant pecans, and coconut.  You don't taste the coconut but it gives a nice body to the cookie.  No raisins.  Just the good stuff.  Now, I could sit here all afternoon eating these so I'll share with a couple of neighbors.
 It's been a month since I've done anything with fabric, but last night I sat down with the 12.5 inch square project for our retreat in October.    I'm working on this applique.....
 thinking of how to fussy cut this one......

 and wondering what to do with these.....

 I've joined with a penpal friend in Germany and we've formed a round robin of her friends and mine.  There are eight of us that will share in this and we're all very excited.  I'm auditioning the fabric for my center.  We'll each do a center of 12 to 14 (or so) inches and we will mail them out in January along with a journal we will keep for each other.   Elke and I will be the mailers.  I will send them all to her and vice versa.   Then, we'll form two groups of four and take one year to add borders.   We're loose, we want to be creative but will have at least two borders assigned.   I'm excited!   I have the pattern I want to do but I believe I might be breaking some sort of copyright if I took a photo and sent it this way.  Once I get working on it I'll be safer.
 The girls came this week for their first overnight of the summer and that had to include strawberry picking. They love it, even if Adelaide doesn't eat them, she likes to pick them.

Everyone got in on the act, including Adelaide's BunBun.  Notice the Band-Aid on his paw. 
It was a great day, but unfortunately, our power was knocked out during a storm the night before, so after picking they continued on home.  When we lose our power we lose everything.  Water, lights, toilet, fridge, stove, the works.  I went back home and packed a bag to follow them to their house for the duration.  Lucky for the food in my fridge, power was back on by 7 p.m. and I could return home.

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