Sunday, October 14, 2012


I just got home from a four day retreat.  A quilt retreat.  But a retreat none the less.  Our retreat center truly IS a retreat center, we just happen to use it for a quilt weekend.  Our group of 12 has gotten together for over ten years in one way or another, the core group of about 6 has stayed the same.  
   At breakfast Friday we were told about the new addition to the experience.  A labyrinth.  This was built this past summer with the help of 18 people for two days during 100 degree heat.  Friday morning was frosty and beautiful so Joyce, Val and I investigated.

 When you walk a labyrinth you have to LOOK at the path to stay ON the path or you go OFF the path and this centers you.  I felt like a monk.
 Marilyn was quilting her soon to be new grandson's baby quilt.
 Inez made this for her sister who is going to come for a visit from Peru.
 This is Joyce's palate.  Whenever I see these colors I think of her.  I caused quite an uproar when I admitted the one color I really do not care for is teal.  It happens to be Joyce's favorite.  We teased about it for the rest of the weekend.
 And nose to the needle for the weekend she cut and finished 8 of the 12 blocks she needs for her project.
Val unpacked these fabrics...
 And finished two quilt tops for babies.
 Last fall I gave each person a stack of 3 inch fabric cuts.  Three each of six different colors.  The instructions were to use them in a 12.5 inch square.  We played a game of LCR  (Left Right Center) and winner took all.  Now SHE must return next year with a completed top.
We are cared for and coddled and fed and spoiled by the inn keepers.  There is nothing, absolutely nothing I needed more than to be at this place this weekend. 


  1. That Fall quilt is so cool!
    AJ is loving his monkey quilt ... he's very perplexed why he can't pick them up off the quilt and play with them no matter how hard he tries! : )