Friday, June 15, 2012


We had some excitement around here yesterday.  My daughter and the girls brought a monarch caterpillar with them and around lunchtime Adelaide came running in calling us to come see "Stripey is moving around a lot!"   We all got to see the transformation from caterpillar to chrysalis. He wiggled, wiggled, wiggled and with each wiggle changed a bit more until he was enclosed.  I told the girls they were watching a miracle happen right before their eyes. I'VE never watched this and it was fascinating to see the transformation happening.

About an hour later, another transformation.  Now he/she sleeps.

Naps are SO important.  Adelaide fell asleep reading one of her books, Mem Fox's story about Grannies.

OK, I decided on another border for the two Christmas quilts.  They are both the same but diffeent. One has scrappy sashing one had matched sashing.  I decided on two different borders.  I liked them both equally, chose the stripe first and then the helpful quilt shop worker found this polka dot so I chose both.  For the next few whiles I'll be quilting these.

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