Friday, November 25, 2011

Momma don't allow

We had Elizabeth and Adelaide here Tuesday and Wednesday night so momma could get ready for Thanksgiving. Immediately when they walked in the door they climbed up on the dining room table and started to decorate this tree I keep on the table. My most fragile ornaments are on this tree but anybody could see there was no stopping them. Little did I know the top of the table was going to be their play place for the whole time they were here. I kept thinking what their momma would say if she knew.
Grandpa and Elizabeth are negotiating how many candy canes a person can eat in one day before their left ear falls off. As you can see, Adelaide didn't care what they decided on. She was enjoying hers and the view out the window.
They hardly left the top of that table. At one point I said, "You know, I don't think Mommy would believe you were walking around on top of my dining room table." Elizabeth said, "Well, Grandma, there ARE a lot of footprints up here."

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