Wednesday, August 10, 2011

curtain flapping

Today was a curtain flapping breezy day, the sky was filled with big puffy clouds and the waves were supposed to be huge, so on my way to the farmer's market I stopped at the beach to see what I could see.

I know better than to go out onto the pier with waves this high. Many people who live inland think this is the best time to go out on the pier but it's the worst. So I stood in the middle, took one shot and got off.

It isn't often the pier is deserted.

On the beach there were just a couple of people wind surfing. They were having a time of it holding on as they got their kites and boards aligned in that wind, but the wind was why they were there! Those red sails against the sky and clouds were beautiful. The beach was deserted except for them.

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  1. what lovely photos of sky and sea! glad you took care and stayed safe.